Saturday, March 1, 2014

Brisket House: In Search of the Mighty Beef Rib!

I never thought that I would have trouble finishing ONE rib!

Not built from a bunch of old wood to resemble an aging barbeque joint out in the country, The Brisket House is in a strip Center in Tanglewood and is neat, clean and full of smiles and "thank you's" for any expression of satisfaction from a diner. They even invited me behind the counter to gaze at the meat as it smoked and rotated slowly and fragrantly (Yes, I have a City of Houston Food Handler's Certificate to allow me behind the counter).

Briskets smoke all night long (with the beef ribs).

There are a lot of barbeque joints in Houston. There are as many opinions about "the best" as there are joints and people eating in them. I never worry about "the best" of anything because it ends up being a matter of my "favorite" and I'm not qualified to define "the best" as I have only eaten in a dozen, or so, barbeque joints in Houston.

Checking on a brisket in the smoker

We read that The Brisket House is now selling beef ribs on the weekends, so we ventured over to the one on Augusta at Woodway, three blocks from our house. So, while we sampled sausage, brisket and some sides, this visit was all about the Mighty Beef Rib.

Sausage and Brisket two-meat plate

Ordering at the counter with country and western music seducing us (it's Rodeo time) into the mood for MEAT, I asked if they had beef ribs that day. The answer was a resounding prideful "YES!" Then the surprise of the price was blared by the counter person with no apologies. "$14.95 per rib... but they're really big." Big? Yes, big. As big as my head. Fred Flintstone would have backed away in fear, my wife commented. Smoked carefully over Oak and Pecan wood at 175 degrees, along with the briskets for 12-14 hours, overnight, the ribs are juicy and covered with a black "burnt ends" bark. Weighing over a moist,  juicy pound, I had met my match and was challenged to finish ONE RIB in one sitting! It was a full meal and WAS worth $14.95 for one rib.

The sliced view of the Beef Rib

Beef Rib view from the handle!

Sally had a two-meat plate which was excellent. The word "moist" keeps tumbling out of our mouths... the sausage and the brisket were both very smoky and very moist. Believe it or not, I have had dry brisket in this town... but not here.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Cole Slaw

Imaginative and classic sides complement the meats and we tried a nice celery seed sprinkled Cole Slaw... beautiful mashed sweet potatoes and one of two versions of Potato Salad, called a Baked Potato Salad. Loved that potato salad, as it had bacon in it and I have had, or made, potato salad with bacon in it all of my life. No celebrity chef here. No famous name that we would all know from the Texas Hill Country. Just really good barbeque served on butcher's paper... and only three blocks from home!

Remember, the Beef Ribs are only on the weekends!

The Brisket House
5775 Woodway
Houston, TX 77057
(At the Corner of Woodway and Augusta)

3217 Center Street
Dear Park, TX 77536


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